HCG & Weightloss

The best way for the body to shed excess weight is to decrease calories and improve metabolic function. An effective and efficient metabolism is key in ensuring that nutrients are properly absorbed and waste is properly disposed of. When our metabolism is slow, added calories that have not been used get stored creating weight gain. The HCG diet has made it’s rounds on television talk shows and been reviewed by doctors and dietitians, proving the program effective and successful at helping people lose weight. There is a lot of talk about HCG out there, but it is important to follow the plan under the supervision of a properly trained health care professional.  Dr. Sanchez offers just that, a safe and effective weight loss plan with proven results.

Where does HCG come from?

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone made up of 244 amino acids that is naturally produced in the body. During pregnancy, an additional amount of this hormone is produced from the placenta. It has been used to help with fertility as well as hormonal balancing. It was first discovered as a weight loss aid in the 1950’s when patients who were being treated for low testosterone began to lose weight and abnormal belly fat. Over the following decades HCG went through much experimenting with different amounts of the hormone and different foods. We now have the most efficient program that boast up to a pound of weight-loss per day. The program last for 40 days and consists of a diet/meal plan in combination with injections of medical grade HCG. The 40-Day HCG program can:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Encourage the body into an anabolic state which slows muscle loss and promotes fat loss.
  • Balance other hormones to promote healthy weight (such as TSH from the thyroid)
  • Increase metabolic efficiency

What is the process?

After your initial consultation our experts place you on a customized calorie-restricted diet for 40 days. You learn how to choose your proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables for the healthiest restricted diet possible.

During this time you will receive injections of HCG. For the reasons listed above, with these injections, you will comfortably be able to eat much less thus having a higher success with your restricted calorie diet. Plus, HCG injections burn the fat you already have stored but spares the muscle. That’s critical. When muscle is burned, rebound weight gain is bound to occur. Your body loves the HCG because it only burns stored fat. This allows for a stronger metabolism which promotes long term weight loss and lowers chances of regaining the weight.

As with any successful weight-loss program, a moderate amount of exercise is essential. We can help you plan an exercise program that fits your life-style to ensure success and future healthy habits.


Expected Results*

*Results expected when program is followed as instructed. Results may vary.

  • About a pound of weight loss per day.
  • Diminished hunger and appetite.
  • Increased energy levels and improved mental focus.
  • Loose fitting clothes and unplanned shopping trips.
  • A more confident you!

With a physician-supervised restricted diet, the body learns to adapt to and crave healthier foods which can lead to long term success. Dr. Sanchez’s 40 Day HCG Diet is the springboard for a much healthier lifestyle which creates healthy habits you will use for a lifetime. The first step to a healthier you is to book your consultation.


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